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Paper Tea coffee Cups & Watis

Water & cold drink PP Glasses

Thermocole Plates & Glasses

Plastic Containers

Aluminium Foils

Foil Containers & Lids

Spoons & Forks

Hips & PP tea coffee Glasses

Abhinav PP Glasses

Pvc Cling Films

Hips Plates & Bowls

Paper Napkins & Toilet Rolls

Misc Items

Plastic Hips & PP Watis

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Channel Packaging World Wide LLP

The home of disposable crockery, cutlery, aluminum foil products, packaging and other indispensible items of the hospitality industry. 

In a demanding market and competitive environment, you need a partner who caters to the unique convenience requirements of your customers and also addresses cost effective solutions that your business needs.

CHANNEL PACKAGING WORLDWIDE LLP.. is just the partner who can tap synergies with your business and provide the most optimal solutions irrespective of which industry you belong to. Our experience varies from Hotels to Corporate and from Airports to Hospitals.

We understand your business needs and help you cater the best fit solution for your requirements. This is your One-Stop Shop for all food packaging and other disposables. Check our various product lines which more than match your needs. Call us and we'll assist you with best fit solution for your requirements.

Our Motto


Our Motto is "The confidence you place in us, dear client and partner, is our real capital. We shall spare no effort to retain this precious privilege."